numbers that count...


Many businesses will introduce themselves by telling you what they do. For us, it’s more about why we do it.

It’s because we’ve been there. We know running your own business can be enjoyable and exciting. 

We also know business isn’t always plain sailing and it can be lonely at the top. We’ve felt the anxiety, uncertainty and experienced the sleepless nights. 

We also know that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We’ve learnt – sometimes the hard way – that what gets measured gets managed, and that what gets managed, gets valued. But the fact that it gets measured and managed, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s important. 

Which is why we focus on what really matters, for you and for your business. We seek out the critical information to help you steer your business in the optimal direction. 

What We Do

We carry out a financial analysis and present a detailed report. This provides a snapshot of your business at that moment.

We then conduct a conversation based on our analysis; highlight areas of interest and compare the current status with your business aims and objectives. We do so knowing that it’s not about what the numbers are, it’s about what the numbers mean. We make sure the right things get measured, bringing precision to discussions and decisions.

Every client’s story is different and, because we’re not like other organisations, we do not comply with a standard formula, we tailor our service to your requirements.

We bring objectivity to discussions and to decision-making. And we apply the same values to project management and process improvement schemes that we help our clients implement.

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